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ID Name Location Reward
0 Axed to Find Reunei, Vleurhal Forest Permit, 20 exp
1 A Little Problem Mine, Vleurhal Old Pickaxe, 50 exp
2 The Brilstoze Anomaly Vleurhal 200 exp, ⭐ 1 star(s)
4 Witch's Brew Reunei, Vleurhal Philosophers Stone, 20 exp
6 End of Nightmares ??? Nightmare Crawler, 1000 exp
8 A Mysterious Insignia Reunei, Vleurhal 500 gold, 20 exp
9 Refining Silk Reunei, Vleurhal 20 exp
10 Reunei Style Reunei, Vleurhal 1000 gold, 50 exp
16 Prison Break Jail, Vleurhal 1000 gold, 10 exp
17 A Stone Prison Beach, Vleurhal 50 exp, ⭐ 1 star(s)
18 Rat Slayer Farmstead, Vleurhal 2500 gold, 100 exp, ⭐ 1 star(s)
19 Scholarship Combat Academy, Vleurhal Letter of Enrolment, 20 exp
20 The Fishing Guild Fishing Guild, Vleurhal Worn Rod, 20 exp


ID Name Location Reward
3 Bandit Trouble Taposa, Sinashari 15000 gold, 100 exp, ⭐ 1 star(s)


ID Name Location Reward
7 Bat Time TBA 50000 gold, 1500 exp


ID Name Location Reward
11 Passage of Eternity TBA 10000 gold, 1000 exp

Mt. Voursrui

ID Name Location Reward
12 Slayer of Yharom TBA 10000 gold, 1000 exp
13 Scourge of the Risen TBA 10000 gold, 1000 exp
14 Draconic Privilege TBA 10000 gold, 1000 exp


ID Name Location Reward
15 Secret of the Rift TBA 500000 gold, 5000 exp

Quest Items

Icon Name Description
Quest hat.png Keilsson's Hat You should probably return this!
Quest scroll.png Forest Permit This allows you to cut trees.
Quest scroll.png Emperor's Note "Grant this brave adventurer access, or something. - The Emperor"
Quest alchemy.png Philosophers Stone Enables the compounding of materials.
Quest mireshroom.png Mireshroom A deliciously toxic mireshroom.
Quest shield.png Stone Shield A shield made out of stone.
Quest basket.png Cadaverite Basket A basket filled with cadaverite.
Quest dagger.png Mermaid's Dagger A dagger imbued with a mermaid's life energy.
Quest insignia.png Moon Badge A glowing badge containing the symbol of the moon.
Quest scroll.png Letter of Enrolment This letter shows you are a student of the Vleurhal Combat Academy.