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A randomly generated cave level
A full map of a small generated level, they can be bigger than this

Mining is a profession that is levelled through exploring an infinite, procedurally generated dungeon known as the mine. Levels of these dungeons will always contain a ladder to go deeper into the mine (usually towards the west side of the level), and a ladder to exit the mine at the start.

In each level of the mine, certain treasures can spawn on any point of the map. These can include random materials, crates, ores, gems, gold, and more chance to get any of the above. Any interactable object, including treasures and the entrance/exit ladders, will be marked with a yellow diamond on the minimap.

Using gather or mine on treasures within the mine will grant you experience towards your next mining level. Every treasure can only be interacted with once, after which they will disappear from that level permanently.

Mining Power

Mining power determines your odds of treasure finding, the quality of treasures found, as well as how many treasures you recover from a single action. Every level in mining increases this power by 3, and the type of pickaxe you have also increases it by a flat amount.

When generating treasures in the mine, the cave depth is also a factor - every metre deep translates to 1 mining power, meaning you will find a lot more loot the deeper in you go.

Fatigue and Resets

Fatigue is a system unique to the mine, as a way to prevent grinding resources from this profession alone. Every tile you move within the mine will increase your fatigue level by 1, and any treasures mined or gather will increase it by 2. Once you hit max fatigue, which is determined as 90 + (mining level * 10), you will be kicked out of the mine and be unable to return until the midnight reset. Plan your movements carefully and try to locate the next mine level to travel deeper into the mine for next time.

Leaving the mine, or entering a new day, will reset ALL in progress mines and cave depth progress to 0.


Icon Name Fishing Power Source
Pickaxe 01.png Old Pickaxe 5 A Little Problem
Pickaxe 02.png Iron Pickaxe 10 Unknown
Pickaxe 03.png Steel Pickaxe 20 Unknown
Pickaxe 04.png Titanium Pickaxe 25 Unknown