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The entrance of a starter home

Player Housing is a feature that utilises the construction profession to create both helpful and decorative objects for your own private home. All homes start with a Workbench and a Bed, which can be moved around or removed from the house freely.


Construction is a profession that is levelled through constructing objects to use in your player home. Many objects require this skill, most notably the Workbench.

Almost every constructable object is added to your build queue upon crafting it, and they all require waiting a certain amount of real-time minutes to complete. Every level in the construction skill lowers the time needed by 5%.

From the Workbench, you are able to create more construction objects to expand your library of possible crafting recipes. The Recycler utilises scrap to give you important materials needed for decorations, such as nails and adhesives. The Bench Saw is used to make low-level wooden decorations and other objects for your home. Use the !build command on any of these objects to see a list of possible creations and their requirements.