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Guilds are ways for users to band together. Guilds have no requirements to be created, and any combat XP gained by a member will also be shared out amongst other members of the guild. Only the guild leader and officers can invite people to a guild, or withdraw from the guild bank.

Guilds have their own XP and levels, displaying different icons showing the progress of the guild as it reaches higher levels. Any shared XP between members will also be added to the guild in this way.

Command Description Example
!guild Display information about your guild !guild
!guildcreate Create a new guild !guildcreate <name>
!guildleave Leave a guild you're in !guildleave
!guildmotd Set a guild's MOTD !guildmotd <motd>
!guildpromote Promote a member to officer !guildpromote @Member
!guilddemote Demote an officer to member !guilddemote @Member
!guildinv Invite someone to your guild !guildinv <name>
!guilddisband Disband your guild !guilddisband
!guilddeposit Deposit coins into the guild vault !guilddeposit <coins>
!guildwithdraw Withdraw coins from the guild vault !guildwithdraw <coins>
!guildkick Kick someone from the guild !guildkick @Member