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Fishing in Enders Quest, showing the reward screen

Fishing is a profession minigame that rewards you with food, materials, crates and other treasures. To start fishing, you need to complete the quest The Fishing Guild north-west of Reunei, where you will be given a starter fishing rod.

This is a reaction-based minigame, where upon typing !fish in a suitable fishing location, a random amount of time will proceed, until a prompt appears asking you to type reel. If this is not done quickly enough, the fish will get away and you will lose the bait used. If it is done quickly enough, you will be given a random reward.

For some rewards, such as fish, a hidden value is used to determine what you get. This is Fishing Power, and is determined by your fishing level, rod, and some buffs. A higher fishing power allows you to more easily obtain rarer rewards.


Name Chance Quantity
🐟 Fish 80% 1 - 3
πŸ—‘οΈ Trash 10% 5 - 100
πŸ›οΈ Random Material 4% 1 - 5
πŸͺ™ Gold 3% 10 - 200
πŸ“¦ Wooden Crate 1% 1 - 3
πŸ“¦ Iron Crate 1% 1 - 2
πŸ“¦ Golden Crate 1% 1

Fishing Rods

Icon Name Fishing Power Source
Fishingrod 01.png Worn Rod 5 The Fishing Guild
Fishingrod 03.png Reinforced Rod 10 Unknown
Fishingrod 04.png Fibreglass Rod 20 Unknown
Fishingrod 02.png Enchanted Rod 25 Unknown