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Icon Name Type Primary Stat
Dagger.gif Dagger Dagger Dexterity
Rapier.gif Rapier Sword Strength
Shortsword.gif Shortsword Sword Strength
Shortsword.gif Gladius Sword Strength
Longsword.gif Longsword Longsword Strength
Curvedsword.gif Cutlass Sword Strength
Curvedsword.gif Falchion Sword Strength
Curvedsword.gif Scimitar Sword Strength
Rapier.gif Estoc Sword Strength
Polearm.gif Bardiche Polearm Strength
Axe.gif Battle Axe Axe Strength
Axe.gif Broad Axe Axe Strength
Axe.gif Hatchet Axe Strength
Axe.gif Tomahawk Axe Strength
Axe.gif Hand Axe Axe Strength
Bigsword.gif Zweihander Longsword Strength
Bigsword.gif Broad Sword Longsword Strength
Staff.gif Quarterstaff Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Wizard Rod Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Magus Rod Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Arcana Rod Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Astral Rod Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Nimbus Rod Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Dragon Tail Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Wyvern Tail Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Drake Tail Staff Intelligence
Hammer.gif Hammer Club Strength
Hammer.gif Sledgehammer Club Strength
Hammer.gif War Hammer Club Strength
Hammer.gif Cudgel Club Strength
Club.gif Club Club Strength
Curvedsword.gif Kukri Sword Strength
Curvedsword.gif Sabre Sword Strength
Bigsword.gif Flamberge Longsword Strength
Bigsword.gif Claymore Longsword Strength
Staff.gif Short Staff Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif Long Staff Staff Intelligence
Staff.gif War Staff Staff Intelligence
Mace.gif Mace Mace Strength
Flail.gif Flail Mace Strength
Dagger.gif Dirk Dagger Dexterity
Dagger.gif Kris Dagger Dexterity
Dagger.gif Baselard Dagger Dexterity
Dagger.gif Anelace Dagger Dexterity
Gun.gif Revolver Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Magnum Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Blunderbuss Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Hunting Rifle Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Musket Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Shotgun Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Sniper Rifle Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Hand Cannon Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Carbine Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Repeater Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Pistol Gun Dexterity
Gun.gif Flintlock Gun Dexterity
Bow.gif Hunting Bow Bow Dexterity
Bow.gif Longbow Bow Dexterity
Crossbow.gif Arbalest Bow Dexterity
Crossbow.gif Crossbow Bow Dexterity
Crossbow.gif Repeating Crossbow Bow Dexterity
Crossbow.gif Compound Crossbow Bow Dexterity
Bow.gif Shortbow Bow Dexterity
Bow.gif Flatbow Bow Dexterity
Bow.gif Greatbow Bow Dexterity
Bow.gif Composite Bow Bow Dexterity
Bow.gif Recurve Bow Bow Dexterity
Bow.gif Compound Bow Bow Dexterity
Dagger.gif Karambit Dagger Dexterity
Dagger.gif Stiletto Dagger Dexterity
Dagger.gif Khanjar Dagger Dexterity
Dagger.gif Shiv Dagger Dexterity
Longsword.gif Katana Sword Strength
Polearm.gif Halberd Polearm Strength
Polearm.gif Spear Polearm Strength
Polearm.gif Lance Polearm Strength
Polearm.gif Partisan Polearm Strength
Claw.gif Claws Claw Dexterity
Claw.gif Cestus Claw Dexterity
Claw.gif Bagh Nakh Claw Dexterity
Wand.gif Wand of Woe Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Wand of Corruption Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Wand of Fury Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Wand of Twilight Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Wand of Bloodlust Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Wand of Justice Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Frostwarden Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Lazarus Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Benediction Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Shadowsong Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Nightbane Wand Intelligence
Wand.gif Dreambinder Wand Intelligence
Voodoo doll.gif Worn Doll Focus Intelligence
Voodoo doll.gif Cursed Doll Focus Intelligence
Tome.gif Tome of Necromancy Focus Intelligence
Tome.gif Tome of Mirae Focus Intelligence
Tome.gif Tome of Ascendancy Focus Intelligence


Icon Name Type Primary Stat
Lightshield.gif Round Shield Shield Endurance
Medshield.gif Heater Shield Shield Endurance
Lightshield.gif Buckler Shield Shield Endurance
Medshield.gif Kite Shield Shield Endurance
Heavyshield.gif Spiked Shield Shield Endurance
Heavyshield.gif Tower Shield Shield Endurance
Heavyshield.gif Barbed Shield Shield Endurance
Medshield.gif Pavise Shield Shield Endurance
Heavyshield.gif Aegis Shield Shield Endurance

Armour Sets

Set Name Pieces Bases Rarity
Apprentice Garments Light helm.gif Apprentice Mask

Light chest.gif Apprentice Coat

Light leggings.gif Apprentice Pants

Light boots.gif Apprentice Shoes

Cloth, Tough 100
Embroidered Garments Light helm.gif Embroidered Mask

Light chest.gif Embroidered Coat

Light leggings.gif Embroidered Pants

Light boots.gif Embroidered Sandals

Cloth, Tough 100
Acolyte Garments Light helm.gif Acolyte Mask

Light chest.gif Acolyte Coat

Light leggings.gif Acolyte Pants

Light boots.gif Acolyte Boots

Cloth, Tough 100
Student Raiment Light helm.gif Student Circlet

Light chest.gif Student Coat

Light leggings.gif Student Leggings

Light boots.gif Student Shoes

Cloth, Tough 100
Studded Armor Med helm.gif Studded Helm

Med chest.gif Studded Coat

Med leggings.gif Studded Pants

Med boots.gif Studded Shoes

Leather, Tough 100
Sinashar Raiment Light helm.gif Sinashar Veil

Light chest.gif Sinashar Robe

Light leggings.gif Sinashar Leggings

Light boots.gif Sinashar Boots

Cloth, Tough 90
Nebaru Silk Vestments Light helm.gif Nebaru Mask

Light chest.gif Nebaru Gown

Light leggings.gif Nebaru Leggings

Light boots.gif Nebaru Shoes

Cloth, Tough 90
Chain Armor Heavy helm.gif Chain Helm

Heavy chest.gif Chain Vest

Heavy leggings.gif Chain Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Chain Footgear

Metal, Tough 70
Marauder Armor Med helm.gif Marauder Mask

Med chest.gif Marauder Jacket

Med leggings.gif Marauder Pants

Med boots.gif Marauder Boots

Leather, Tough 70
Banded Armor Heavy helm.gif Banded Helm

Heavy chest.gif Banded Coat

Heavy leggings.gif Banded Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Banded Greaves

Metal, Tough 70
Ornate Armor Heavy helm.gif Ornate Mask

Heavy chest.gif Ornate Coat

Heavy leggings.gif Ornate Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Ornate Greaves

Metal, Tough 70
Outlaw Garb Med helm.gif Outlaw Mask

Med chest.gif Outlaw Coat

Med leggings.gif Outlaw Pants

Med boots.gif Outlaw Boots

Leather, Tough 70
Splint Armor Heavy helm.gif Splint Helm

Heavy chest.gif Splint Breastplate

Heavy leggings.gif Splint Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Splint Boots

Metal, Tough 50
Inquisitor Vestments Light helm.gif Inquisitor Mask

Light chest.gif Inquisitor Robe

Light leggings.gif Inquisitor Breeches

Light boots.gif Inquisitor Shoes

Cloth, Tough 50
Star Skipper Vestments Light helm.gif Star Skipper Mask

Light chest.gif Star Skipper Robe

Light leggings.gif Star Skipper Breeches

Light boots.gif Star Skipper Shoes

Cloth, Tough 50
Falconer Garb Med helm.gif Falconer Mask

Med chest.gif Falconer Coat

Med leggings.gif Falconer Leggings

Med boots.gif Falconer Boots

Cloth, Tough 50
Tempered Armor Heavy helm.gif Tempered Helm

Heavy chest.gif Tempered Breastplate

Heavy leggings.gif Tempered Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Tempered Boots

Metal, Tough 50
Illustrious Vestments Light helm.gif Illustrious Visage

Light chest.gif Illustrious Guise

Light leggings.gif Illustrious Leggings

Light boots.gif Illustrious Striders

Magic, Tough 50
Chaotic Vestments Light helm.gif Chaotic Visage

Light chest.gif Chaotic Guise

Light leggings.gif Chaotic Leggings

Light boots.gif Chaotic Striders

Metal, Tough 30
Sentry Armor Heavy helm.gif Sentry Hat

Heavy chest.gif Sentry Chestguard

Heavy leggings.gif Sentry Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Sentry Boots

Metal, Tough 30
Warden Armor Heavy helm.gif Warden Helm

Heavy chest.gif Warden Coat

Heavy leggings.gif Warden Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Warden Boots

Metal, Tough 30
Antiquated Vestments Med helm.gif Antiquated Visage

Med chest.gif Antiquated Guise

Med leggings.gif Antiquated Leggings

Med boots.gif Antiquated Striders

Cloth, Tough 30
Gladiator Armor Heavy helm.gif Gladiator Helm

Heavy chest.gif Gladiator Chestplate

Heavy leggings.gif Gladiator Legplates

Heavy boots.gif Gladiator Boots

Metal, Tough 30
Warbeast Armor Heavy helm.gif Warbeast Helm

Heavy chest.gif Warbeast Breastplate

Heavy leggings.gif Warbeast Tassets

Heavy boots.gif Warbeast Greaves

Metal, Tough 10
Miretouched Garb Heavy helm.gif Miretouched Helm

Heavy chest.gif Miretouched Chestguard

Heavy leggings.gif Miretouched Legplates

Heavy boots.gif Miretouched Greaves

Cloth, Tough 9
Chromatic Vestments Light helm.gif Chromatic Veil

Light chest.gif Chromatic Robe

Light leggings.gif Chromatic Leggings

Light boots.gif Chromatic Boots

Leather, Tough 8
Plasteel Armor Heavy helm.gif Plasteel Mask

Heavy chest.gif Plasteel Breastplate

Heavy leggings.gif Plasteel Leggings

Heavy boots.gif Plasteel Greaves

Metal, Tough 6
Kraken Armor Heavy helm.gif Kraken Helm

Heavy chest.gif Kraken Breastplate

Heavy leggings.gif Kraken Tassets

Heavy boots.gif Kraken Greaves

Metal, Tough 5
Ender Cultist Vestments Light helm.gif Ender Cultist Mask

Light chest.gif Ender Cultist Robe

Light leggings.gif Ender Cultist Leggings

Light boots.gif Ender Cultist Boots

Cloth, Tough 3
Shadow Armor Heavy helm.gif Shadow Helm

Heavy chest.gif Shadow Breastplate

Heavy leggings.gif Shadow Tassets

Heavy boots.gif Shadow Greaves

Metal, Tough 1