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24/05/21 - Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug with quests that require materials causing !quest to error out
  • Added 'axe' and 'cut' aliases to the !chop command
  • Fixed some quest rewards displaying 'stars' instead of the new 'favor'

28/04/21 - Ability Loadouts

  • Added the 'loadout' command and reworked how abilities work in combat. You can now have a maximum of 4 in battle, excluding the default 'run' and 'attack' abilities. Using !loadout in the combat academy lets you set up the 4 abilities you wish to bring into battle with you
  • Added which class ability you learned (if applicable) to the class level up notification
  • Fixed a bug with my math formulas, where +hp and +mp abilities gave the wrong amounts
  • Added several new equipment pieces and armour sets
  • You can now see other players on the map
  • Fixed !loadout breaking if you had no known abilities
  • Fixed !build showing the wrong created items
  • Fixed !class and !loadout working without having completed the quest

27/04/21 - Ability Stuff & Bug Fixes

  • Added type-of-item indicators to search rewards
  • Fixed a bug where shields would be given a strength stat randomly
  • Added wands to the pool of possible equipment pieces
  • Fixed a bug where enemies dying from debuffs didn't end the battle
  • Added ability tokens to the drop table of monsters
  • Added several new magic-based abilities
  • The basic 'attack' ability now scales off of the type of weapon you have, wands means your attack will use intelligence, etc
  • Severely nerfed the amount of endurance you get from armor

26/04/21 - Ability Tokens

  • Fixed a bug where certain achievements would show undefined in !ach
  • Fixed the !play notification not lasting long enough
  • Added the framework for ability tokens, the brilstoze anomaly drops one for the 'corrupt' ability, which you will be able to take to the combat academy to learn a new spell
  • You can now learn abilities with tokens in the combat academy
  • Added a new feature to abilities, effect chances - this means I'm able to put a percentage chance on some abilities to also apply a debuff, like fireballs having a small chance to burn the target over a few rounds
  • Buffed the 'slime' ability found on certain enemies, it was basically useless
  • Added a tag next to item drops from enemies showing what kind of item they are
  • Added an intelligence stat for magic-based abilities
  • Equipment now have different scaling depending on the type of item it is, daggers will increase dexterity, staves will increase intelligence, etc
  • Abilities now also have different scaling - rogue abilities may use your dexterity stat, and magic abilities will use intelligence

21/04/21 - Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the automated lore breaking on rivers
  • Updated quest dialogue for Refining Silk to match the new materials/compound system

20/04/21 - Runes

  • Renamed 'ammo/ammunition' to 'runes'. Using the runescape style of runes for abilities and such

19/04/21 - Bugfixes and Rivers

  • Fixed a bug where effects (like the mire damage) would show in dungeons
  • Fixed a bug where certain achievements would be given without the required objective completed
  • User data is now added to the database on join instead of first command, and it's all removed upon leaving
  • Updated the river sprites to be less ugly

18/04/21 - Reports and Suggestions

  • Added the brilstoze anomaly boss fight, fine tuning will be needed
  • Fixed !search being broken due to the recent materials change
  • Added !report to allow for easy bug reporting
  • Added !suggest to allow for easy suggestions

17/04/21 - Quests and Monsters

  • Added a basic system to allow dialogue choices in NPC chats
  • Added the start of the new 'The Brilstoze Anomaly' main quest
  • Removed the strange insignia + requirement to join the combat academy
  • Started to trim down the list monsters, removing unused and pointless ones

16/04/21 - Small Market Update

  • Changed !market slightly, !market now only views the shop listings - !buy is used to buy items from it

15/04/21 - Materials Rework

  • Big materials rework. 366 > 74, slimming it down to lessen any confusion and make sure they're all usable in future crafting recipes
  • Updated monsters and !scavenge to give the new list of materials
  • Raised the chance of fleeing from a battle from 50% to 90%
  • Removed EXP loss on death
  • Fixed a bug where cards had the incorrect attack value
  • Removed the axe sharpening mechanic from woodcutting
  • Removed AP drain from !travel
  • Fixed materials not working properly in !market since the update
  • Removed the old 'tools' from the market, as they are no longer used

14/04/21 - Small Updates

  • Reworked !search, it still used some pretty ancient code - can now give food/ammo and I can be much more flexible on the amounts given
  • Added some new optional areas to the tutorial zone to encourage exploration

13/04/21 - Tutorial

  • Updated the tutorial zone slightly, making it less of a slog to go through
  • Increased the amount of search loot you get from the tutorial zone
  • Added construction to the profession list in !stats
  • Disabled commands working in bot DMs for now
  • Adjusted how !play works, you will need to create a new game session (your progress is saved don't worry)

11/04/21 - Build Updates

  • Added the ability to include a quantity of things to construct in the !build command, e.g. !build 4 oak planks (will actually give you 8 because each oak plank build gives you 2 planks from 1 log)
  • Added the build queue, every construct takes a certain amount of time to build and will 'queue up' to build after something else you're constructing
  • Added a !queue command to view your current build queue
  • Changed the !build menu to show way more constructs on a single page
  • The !build menu will now display available constructs alphabetically
  • Added several new craftable decorations
  • The construction skill now decreases the time needed to build things by 5% per level
  • Craftable objects now have level requirements, lv1 has a very limited selection of things to build to minimise confusion

09/04/21 - Material Change

  • Materials now have a setting to enable/disable compounding. Materials that cannot be compounded will not show up in your compound list or possible results from compounding

08/04/21 - Small Build Update

  • Consolidated the workbench, recycle and carpentry commands into one single 'build' command

07/04/21 - More Construction

  • Creating home objects with carpentry now works
  • Recycler now lets you create nails and adhesive from scrap
  • Added a 'gather' function to the hydroponics station that lets you gather a random amount of fertilizer once a day
  • You can no longer place two of the same 'priority' decorations on a single tile
  • You can now create certain tools using the workbench

06/04/21 - Construction

  • Potentially fixed a bug where achievements wouldn't save properly
  • Changed level ups to also fully restore your AP
  • Added !carpentry for a new bench saw house tool to let you create wooden objects
  • Reworked !recycle to let you create construction materials with scrap

05/04/21 - Housing Updates

  • Your stats now change based on what class you are, rather than a flat amount for everyone
  • Fixed the ancient 'givegold' command to use my modern functions
  • Started adding more backbones to the player housing system, added the !workbench command to let you change the floors and walls
  • Added more player housing functionality, you can now !take and !place objects, with associated actions and images hardcoded
  • Added a !food command to view your list of food finally
  • Added a !decorations/!deco command to view your list of owned housing objects
  • Added a priority system to house decorations. Things on the floor like rugs are priority 1, and will always be underneath everything else you place. Priority 3 are things that go on top, and will always be above

04/04/21 - Market Update

  • Fixed a bug with '!equip' failing on multiple matching items
  • Fixed a bug where abilities could be used without the required ammunition
  • Updated markets to allow more items for sale at a time
  • Changed how markets selling out works, it no longer removes it from the market, but instead shows that its sold out. This way you can't accidentally buy something you don't want to buy when the market IDs shift
  • Removed EXP capsules from appearing in the potion shop in !market
  • Greatly reduced the costs of materials and consumables in the market

03/04/21 - Battle Rework

  • Beginning rework on how levelling, stats and in-battle damage works. Moving away from the old pokemon style formulas to more modern JRPG styles
  • Adjusted all items to work with the new stat system
  • You now fully heal upon levelling up
  • Fixed area level indicators being broken
  • Due to the large game-changing update, all progress has been reset
  • Fixed ammo not working properly in battles after the update
  • Nerfed the cost of poison vials from 50 gold to 20 gold
  • Massively buffed all consumables for the new health/mana values
  • Nerfed quest XP to match the new levelling system
  • Implemented the basic player housing system. Using !home in the overworld will transport you to a private home, more features to come
  • Removed the prompt to use !skill from the level up announcer

02/04/21 - Bugfixes and Emojis

  • Added custom icons for various equipment types - light, med and heavy helms, chests, legs and boots as well as a bunch of weapon types and shields
  • Added custom icons for all abilities in the game currently
  • Fixed a bug where food drops in battle would give an erro

01/04/21 - Compounding Fixes

  • Changed some compounding formulas to not give materials and equipment of a much higher rank than intended
  • Fixed a bug where some tiles showed 'null' as the description in the mine
  • Fixed a bug where gathering gemstones wouldn't show you the amount you found

31/03/21 - More Emojis

  • Replaced more regular emojis with custom ones. Already ran out of emoji space!
  • Renamed a bunch of materials, and added a new base - Luminite
  • Removed mystic orbs completely as they served no real purpose
  • Logs and gems are now part of the happy materials family, no separate inventory items anymore

30/03/21 - Wiki Updates, Discord.js v12 and Custom Emojis

  • Big website updates. Now using a dark theme.
  • Fixed some gold not counting towards the gold earned achievement
  • Updated achievements, added some new ones and got rid of some old unnecessary ones. 'gold used' is also being tracked now.
  • Finally updated to discord.js v12. This may have broken some things, please test around
  • Fixed scavenging not actually saving the flag, letting you scavenge on a tile infinitely
  • Fixed !search not saving activated tiles either
  • Started replacing a lot of the regular old emojis with custom ones
  • Renamed the 'trash' resource to 'scrap'
  • Renamed the 'stars' resource to 'favor'

29/03/21 - More Mining Updates

  • Updated how the mine level generation works, allowing me greater control over the rewards given
  • Treasure generation is now determined by your mining power, rather than a flat 25% chance
  • Added random ore materials to the pool of possible treasures
  • Cave depth progress now resets to 0 on exiting the mine or a new day
  • Added escape ropes as a new ammunition type, can use !escape in the mine or in dungeons anywhere to quickly exit back to the overworld

28/03/21 - Procedural Dungeon Generation

  • Added a new procedural level generation system. Mining has been completely overhauled, with the mines being an infinitely descending dungeon with various objects you're able to mine on, and treasure to gather. Still work in progress.
  • Added a new command, !gather. This is used to gather interesting materials you find in the mine.
  • Both !gather and !mine have been changed to only work once on a tile where they can be used, instead of a random chance.
  • The size of cave levels will now scale with your mining level, starting at a max of 10x10 tiles (9+mining level).
  • Added fatigue to the mining expeditions. Travelling one tile will increase by 1 fatigue, mining and gathering by 2 fatigue. Your max fatigue is determined as 90 + (mining level * 10), and when you hit it, you will be kicked out of the mine and unable to re-enter until the midnight reset.

27/03/21 - Mining

  • Gave mining the ol' fishing treatment. Pickaxe is now a tool with potential upgrades and a 'power' level attached. Rewards have also been changed to be more consistent with fishing, lot more needs to be done with this, especially the graphics as they're mostly copyrighted and need changing
  • Inventory now shows your fishing rod and pickaxe, along with the increased power they provide

26/03/21 - Optimizations

  • Removed 'consume' from battles. It trivialised a lot of encounters, heal outside of battles!
  • Reworked how I handle monsters in the code, cleaning up redundant functions and overall optimising battles
  • Fixed how monster health was determined.. for some reason I calculated it twice and it gave enemies way more health than they should have had
  • Added a DM notification for a new !bestiary entry
  • Changed max stun/crit/dodge chance to 50% from 90%, some high level monsters would just always hit those
  • New !help command only showing the *actually* useful commands
  • Remade fishing and cooking to accommodate a new system that'll be much easier to build upon, there's now 42 different fish across many rarities!
  • Updated !consume to let you choose which consumable to use if you have multiple similarly-named ones
  • Added a failsafe just in case you somehow have more stats than you should, !skill will then reset all of your stats to 0 and let you reallocate your stat points.
  • Overhauled the crates system, there are a ton of new crates to get via fishing and you can see the new menu with !crate

25/03/21 - Compounding

  • Completely rewrote how !compound works, I'm not sure if this is more user friendly, please give it a go and let me know
  • Removed the !brew command and condensed it into !compound, also adjusted ranks so you get more appropriate potions for materials used
  • Fixed pet XP not being given after combat
  • Added the ability to clear individual slots in !compound, or all of them
  • Removed some old test commands, and moved others to a new 'admin' section that only I can use
  • Made it so you can only use the !play command in the entrance-hall channel, any other messages or commands get deleted.

24/03/21 - More Bugfixes

  • Fixed !fish being broken for some reason
  • Fixed inputting an invalid name to !consume resulting in an error
  • Added more aliases for easy command use
  • Potentially fixed an issue with material drops not saving after defeating an enemy
  • Fixed dungeons generating more than 5 enemies on a single tile
  • Added 698,880 more possible equipment combinations as well as several new materials and bases
  • Hopefully fixed that damn achievement bug once and for all

23/03/21 - Equipment Fixes

  • Fixed the !market showing old stat values on equipment
  • Fixed !equip also showing old stat values on equipment
  • Fixed adding and removing user equipment doubling up on dexterity
  • Remade the !salvage, !drop and !equip commands, they now use names instead of IDs and will give a choice when it matches multiple names
  • Updated !generatewiki to allow me to easily make full wiki pages for food, materials and consumables
  • Hopefully fixed achievements randomly being given
  • Updated !daily to reset at midnight to be consistent with other resets

22/03/21 - Cooking and Cleaning Up

  • Fixed !dye not allowing you to !dye 0 to remove colors
  • Fixed !givepet and !release not understanding the updated pet system and freaking out
  • Fixed !switch not actually saving the switch
  • Fixed !adopt not respecting consent
  • Fixed lifesteal/reflect abilities not having the correct math formulas
  • Fixed card battles sometimes offering you your own cards when you win
  • Fixed card battle chain reaction logic (hopefully)
  • Fixed some pets having invalid rarity values
  • Fixed dungeon realms being shown as 'undefined'
  • Added !cook and the cooking skill, as well as a tinderbox reagent to light a cooking fire for 5 minutes; cooking raw food turns them into usable consumable items that heal HP, MP or AP
  • Added raw food to the drop table for some monsters, allowing you to hunt monsters for specific types of food
  • Added raw fish to the drop table for fishing, which now comprises the majority of fishing rewards
  • Changed !consume to use item names as a parameter instead of item IDs
  • Changed the mireseeds currency to just plain gold because mireseeds doesn't fit properly on the map message and it bothered me
  • Changed how XP gains worked again, allowing me to easily combine them into other messages to reduce spam
  • Added the framework for a !guide command to teach some important mechanics

20/03/21 - Fishing Overhaul

  • You now start with no fishing rod, or effectively a 'level 0' fishing rod. Completing the new quest north-west of Reunei will give you the level 1 fishing rod and enable you to fish. Fishing now also requires bait ammunition, purchasable from markets.

19/03/21 - Ammunition

  • Added a basic ammunition system. These can be bought like materials and you can view your list with the new !ammo command. Some abilities consume ammunition to use, such as vials of poison for certain poison abilities. This is based on the vanilla WoW spell reagent thingy that everyone hated.

18/03/21 - Bestiary

  • Added a bestiary command and tracking of seen monsters. Engaging in a battle with a monster will permanently add it to your bestiary records, allowing you to see its item drop rate and ability list.

17/03/21 - Pet System Rework

  • Reworked the pet system entirely to use my modern functions and work properly in the RPG world. I removed most stats, manual stat upgrades and other functions to replace it with a simple player-like system with strength, dexterity, agility and stamina.

16/03/21 - Experience/Level Overhaul & Classes

  • All forms of exp gain now use the event emitter system, keeping it coherent and optimized.
  • Re-added a completely changed form of the old class system. Classes now give abilities with its own separate levelling system.

15/03/21 - Battle Optimizations

  • Expanded on the battle system, allowing me to create more complex abilities like damage over time effects and debuffs.
  • Added an 'inDialogue' flag to the player's rpg flags table. I've added this to the busy check on most commands, so whenever you're asked to respond with something I.E. 'respond with yes to continue', you won't be able to use any other commands. This should fix some weird bugs especially during fishing.

14/02/21 - Battle Overhaul

  • Completely changed how world battle encounters work. No more random encounters while travelling, instead monsters have a chance to spawn in the world every now and then with an expiry time. You can then choose to battle the specific monster you want.
  • Added the base command for the combat academy.
  • Added a legendary monster system, with random names from an extensive name dictionary.
  • Changed the old 'coins' name for the currency to now be 'mireseeds'.
  • All error messages and invalid command messages have been replaced with a sassy protogen.
  • Added the base code for debuffs in battle.

09/02/21 - Event Emitters

  • Added event emitters to optimize the code further, enabling me to put ALL exp gains under a single function.
  • Added quest point progress to achievement progress.

08/02/21 - Combat

  • Updated the combat message to be an automatically updating embed, instead of several messages.
  • Changed !equip user ID to just !equip ID.
  • Changed the precision stat to dexterity.

07/02/21 - Cooldowns

  • Added cooldowns to certain abilities like counter, to stop them from being spammed.
  • Added energy in battles, you get +1 every time you are hit. At 10, you can use overdrive for a devastating triple crit attack.
  • Fixed a bug where trying to consume an invalid potion in battle would skip your turn. Also limited it to only combat potions I.E. health, mana, buffs.
  • Fixed fortify not reducing damage.

31/01/21 - Minimap

  • Added a minimap generation function. This will show as the embed's thumbnail within dungeons.
  • Changed up !dungeonmap so it now finds the minimum and max coordinates in the dungeon dimension to dynamically generate a map of the whole dimension.
  • Renamed !touch to !inspect as touching can be kinda weird.

29/01/21 - Chat, Skill and Item Updates

  • Added tavern command, to show a list of npcs in a location. The talk command has been updated to show a smaller list of npcs.
  • Chat system has been totally reworked, to allow me to have an easier time making multiple dialogues with multiple quests and battles under a single NPC.
  • Skill framework overhauled using gen 1 pokémon formulas, don't judge me. Nintendo knows how to balance stats better than I do.
  • Item framework overhauled for the skill overhaul - generation of items will include less stats.

23/01/21 - Log Updates

  • Update to how I personally log things, a lot cleaner now so I'm able to actually find bugs as they happen.

19/01/21 - Card Battles

  • Added card battle system, card items and card drops from monsters.

17/01/21 - Rework

  • Massive rework of most code, due to loss in database.
  • Added the play command, and limited every command to only working in private channels.

20/02/19 - Dawn of a New Day

  • Added new day functionality. The bot will track the time and at midnight certain actions will be reset, like activated tiles.

13/02/19 - Item Framework and Mining

  • Added the basic framework to create diablo-style equipment
  • Added a basic mining system and command

11/02/19 - Fishing and Casino

  • Added basic fishing system
  • Added slots using code from older bot, needs work

07/02/19 - Battle Systems

  • Beginning of battle system creation
  • Added fight command for PvP
  • Added ability to give and switch out pets
  • Added achievement progress tracking
  • Added PvP functionality and the fight command

04/02/19 - Initial Commit

  • Initial commit of Ender's Quest to GitHub
  • Added several commands - mystic, recycle, sharpen, rename, refine and leaderboard
  • Optimised !upgrade so the code is less awful to read
  • Added periodic player updates