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Pet Achievements

Name Description
Livin' on a Prayer Reach pet level 50
Pet Master Reach pet level 100
Luck of the Draw Own an ultra rare pet
Adopter of Pets Adopt 10 pets
Animal Testing Use dyes 10 times

Economic Achievements

Name Description
Capitalist Buy from a market
Venture Capitalist Buy 10 items from markets
Shopping Enthusiast Buy 100 items from markets
Beginner Economist Earn 1,000 Gold
Rich Taste Earn 10,000 Gold
Wolf of Reunei Street Earn 100,000 Gold
High Roller Spend 1,000 Gold
Big Spender Spend 10,000 Gold
Prodigal Habits Spend 100,000 Gold
House Never Wins Earn 1,000 casino chips
Addicted Play the slots 100 times
Gambler Play blackjack 10 times

RPG Achievements

Name Description
Gluttony Use 100 consumables
Tired Out Use 500 AP
Stamina King Use 1,500 AP
Secret Surprise Open a crate
Loot Shower Open 5 crates
Loot Enthusiast Open 50 crates
Ultra Kill Kill 10 monsters
Monster Kill Kill 100 monsters
Ludicrous Kill Kill 1000 monsters
Adventurer Travel 100 times
Champion Win a tournament
World Champion Win 10 tournaments
Scavenger Scavenge 100 times
Novice Alchemist Create 50 items
Master Alchemist Create 100 items
Master Fisher Fish 25 times
Destroyer Salvage 100 items
Helpful Hero Complete 5 quests
Local Legend Complete 10 quests
Cherished Champion Complete 20 quests
End of Nightmares End the nightmare
Novice Adventurer Reach Level 10
Adept Adventurer Reach Level 25
Expert Adventurer Reach Level 50